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“Treblinka 43. Revolt at the death factory” by Michał Wójcik. Book promotion

18:00 h
02 Oct


Led by Dr. Katarzyna Suszkiewicz.

On August 2, 1943, an armed rebellion broke out at Treblinka extermination camp. This year, we celebrate the 75th anniversary of this uprising. Close to 700 prisoners took part in the revolt, over 300 people escaped, about 100 prisoners survived the war. Although it was one of the largest armed uprisings in extermination camps during World War II, greater than the well-documented revolt in Sobibór, it is almost completely forgotten nowadays.

Michał Wójcik's book reconstructs the events of the uprising, based on archival documents and testimonies of its heroes. This is a story of the tragic fate of the organizers and participants of the rebellion, a shocking account of unimaginable courage and heroism, and a testimony to the power of human spirit, thanks to which a miracle can happen even in the midst of hell.

Michał Wójcik is the author of the bestselling “Ptaki Drapieżne” (“Birds of prey”) and “Królestwo za mgłą” (“A kingdom behind the fog”), a collection of interviews with Zofia Posmysz. He is the winner of the 2015 Polityka History Prize.

In Polish. Free admission.