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My view of the sea. Opening of the exhibition by by Karolina Ślusarczyk

18:00 h
06 Sep


"For as long as I can remember, I have been going to the seaside. I have always liked sitting by the shore, watching the waves flow, their colors changing depending on the hour of the day. The seaside is different every time you visit it. The movement of the waves is never the same. Sometimes I’ll visit some place, look around, and immediately think to myself, “I should capture this moment.” Be it the beach, beautiful flowers in my bag, a walk in nature, I collect memories and turn them into paintings. The sea changes with seasons. In the winter, we watch the ice form and the sea breeze turn white. In the spring, when nature is in bloom, the sea comes to life. In the fall, when there are no tourists, the beach is practically deserted and I spend my days walking on the beach in solitude. I listen to the birds, I watch the waves rise and fall. This is when I meditate, dream, reminisce. I like the sea best in the summer, when the days are long and I have more time to observe the metamorphoses of the sea and reflect on them."

This exhibition presents Karolina Ślusarczyk’s graduation project.

Free admission.