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"Jerusalem Day" Photography Exhibition

18:00 h
13 May

The great American philosopher Yogi Berra once said, "You can observe a lot by watching." Rick Blumsack agrees.
Rick is an award-winning fine art and observational photographer based in Jerusalem. He made aliyah to Israel from Boston in 2009.

Although his grandparents were born in America, his family traces its roots back to Poland. Rick's great-grandmother, whom he knew well, was from Lodz. In his Jerusalem street photography, Rick strives to create visual poems. He eschews traditional cliche images, and instead focuses on the playful juxtapositions of Jerusalem's diversity.
While always recognizing Jerusalem's rich history, religion and culture, Rick also seeks to capture the simple pleasures and subtle humor of life in the city.
Rick's photos have been exhibited in numerous settings internationally, including several venues in Israel and in the United States. Rick is a frequent contributor to the Jerusalem Post.