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Studying the Torah with rabbinical commentaries

19:00 h
28 May

ewa gordon bereszit - maj - netLed by: Ewa Gordon

7:00-7:45 Biblical Hebrew for beginners.
Pe Yod/Waw verbs.

7:45-8:30 Studying the Torah with rabbinical commentaries.
“And they came to Noah to the ark, two by two of all flesh in which there is the spirit of life. And those who came male and female of all flesh came, as God had commanded him, and the Lord shut him in. Now the Flood was forty days upon the earth, and the waters increased, and they lifted the ark, and it rose off the earth. And the waters became powerful, and they increased very much upon the earth, and the ark moved upon the waters. And the waters became exceedingly powerful upon the earth, and all the lofty mountains that were under the heavens were covered up. Fifteen cubits above did the waters prevail, and the mountains were covered up. And all flesh perished that moved upon the earth, among the fowl, and among the cattle, and among the beasts, and among all creeping creatures that creep upon the earth and all mankind. Everything that had the breath of the spirit of life in its nostrils, of all that were on the dry land, died.” (Bereshit 7: 15-22).

In Polish, free admission.