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Dream Your Self into Being. A lecture by dr. Bonnie Buckner

19:00 h
30 May

Within all of us there lies a Great Dream - the Dream of Self. It is by looking into ourselves to discover this dream, and bringing it into our waking experience, that we bring that Self into being and unfold into living our greatest potentials. Dr. Bonnie Buckner, the author of “Dream Your Self into Being,” will talk about her book, which focuses on the process of looking within, working with our night dreams as a means of inner, spiritual development, and finding our path in life. Her work is based on a 13th century Kabbalistic tradition, and in her talks, she draws from the stories of the Great Dreamers in the Jewish Torah. Dr. Buckner has a Ph.D. in psychology; her academic work is centered on the cognitive, behavioral, and affective power of images. She gives presentations worldwide on the Jewish philosophy of dreaming, cognitive psychology and imagery, transmedia storytelling and social change, and numerous other topics.

In English. Free admission.