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The School for Trade on Stradomska St. Lecture by Adam Musiał.

18:00 h
04 Apr

stradomska handlowka - net

The Private Jewish Co-educational Middle School for Trade (Prywatna Żydowska Koedukacyjna Średnia Szkoła Handlowa), or, as it was renamed in 1938, the Private Jewish Co-educational Gymnasium of Krakow Merchants (Gimnazjum Kupieckie), operated in Krakow in the years 1933-1939. It combined general education classes with vocational subjects, and its excellent teaching staff ensured high-quality education. Along with the famous Hebrew Gymnasium, this school was an important secular private Jewish educational institution in pre-war Krakow. Since 1934, the school has been located on 10 Stradomska St. Today, the Civic Educational Association (Społeczne Towarzystwo Oświatowe, STO) occupies the building, which bears the commemorative plaque in honor of the pre-war school, placed there through fundraising efforts of the STO Alumni Association. At this lecture, you will learn more about the Private Jewish Co-educational Middle School for Trade and watch a short documentary about its history.

In Polish, free admission.