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The dispute over Poland’s ‘Holocaust’ law: causes, consequences and solutions. A meeting with Daniel Tilles and Marcin Makowski

18:00 h
27 Mar

ipn - final - net

The recent decision by Poland to pass a law criminalising false claims of Polish responsibility for German Nazi crimes has sparked an unprecedented diplomatic and media crisis, damaging relations not only with Israel, but also with Poland's most important ally, the United States, and threatening to undo decades of work to strengthen Polish-Jewish relations and overcome historical disputes. In our panel discussion, historian Daniel Tilles and journalist Marcin Makowski will look at the reasons that this law was passed, why it has triggered such a bitter dispute, what that dispute says about the nature of Polish-Jewish relations, and how the two sides can move forward.

Daniel Tilles is assistant professor of history at the Pedagogical University of Krakow, specialising in British and Jewish history, particularly fascism and anti-fascism. He is co-editor of Notes from Poland, the most popular English-language blog about Polish history, culture and current affair

Marcin Makowski - Polish journalist writing for "Do Rzeczy" weekly and Wirtualna Polska web portal. He graduated history and philosophy. Interested in foreign politics, co-author of "Watching the World Burn. The Year of Trump, Brexit and 'Good Change".

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