Opening of the exhibition “At the junction” by Paweł Hołówka

19:00 h
16 Nov


How often do we raise our heads while walking down the street? How many times a day do we pass familiar buildings never noticing the odd shapes taken by their shadows? We have lost the sensitivity we once had as children, the receptivity that leads us to notice the unusual in our mundane, grey life.

Our imagination has no limits, and maybe we will see the matzevot from the Jewish cemetery, a Jew with the characteristic orthodox headgear, or the shadow of a cross on a synagogue. This is the magic of Krakow’s Kazimierz, where two cultures, Jewish and Christian, arrive at a junction much like the one between light and shadow.

With these pictures, Paweł Hołówka has created a non-existent street, a fragment of the city of light and shadow. He invites you to take a walk down this street and rediscover well-known places, feel their mystery and magic.

Free admission.

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