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Opening of the exhibition “Mine, Yours, Ours. The Faces of Krakow”

19:00 h
09 Nov

moj twoj nasz

The Mine, Yours, Ours. The Faces of Krakow exhibition showcases the cultural, national and religious richness of Krakow.

The subjects of this project come from different ethnic and religious backgrounds. In addition to being active within their own communities, they are deeply involved in the life of the city. The exhibition features 12 individuals of different nationalities: an American, a Czech, a Georgian, a Jew, a Lithuanian, a Romani, and many others who have chosen Krakow as their home. Though their occupations vary, all of them are social activists who promote their culture, ethnicity, faith, or multiculturalism. The purpose of the exhibition is to show that Krakow is made up of interesting, diverse people, and each of them contributes to our city in their own unique way.

This project is the product of collaboration between Wielokulturowy Kraków (Multicultural Krakow) and Niezależny Klub Fotograficzny (Independent Photography Club). The project has been funded by the Civic Initiatives Fund, Lesser Poland Voivodeship and the Municipality of Krakow.

In English and Polish. Free admission.