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Daughters of Nawojka. Book promotion and meeting with the authors: Ewa Chudoba and Anna Smywińska-Pohl

18:30 h
02 Nov

corkiNawojki - net

Daughters of Nawojka takes an innovative approach to talking about the history of philosophy as anacademic discipline by presenting it from the point of view of the women who worked at the Jagiellonian University in 1897-1967. Spanning decades, from the time of Galician authonomy to the Polish People's Republic’s years, the book offers a glimpse into the lives of Krakow’s women philosophers: Stefania Tatarówna, Zofia Włodkowa, Maria Rosenblatt, Janina Suchorzewska, Danuta Gierulanka. It’s not just the intellectual passion that the heroines of this book have in common, but also their social activism and great diversity of interests and talents. The book endeavors to reclaim their place in history in general, and in the history of philosophy in particular.

The authors, Ewa Chudoba and Anna Smywińska-Pohl, are the graduates of the Jagiellonian University’s philosophy department. The topic of women in history – or rather, of the absence of women in history and historical narrative, - has been the focal point of their research for many years. Their research project regarding Krakow’s women philosophers, conducted in 2013-2016, has led to the publication of the anthology Women Philosophers at the Jagiellonian University in 1897-1967 (Krakow, 2016) and, subsequently, this book.

In Polish. Free admission.