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Studying Bamidbar with Rashi’s commentaries - Chapter 11

19:00 h
06 Jun

ewa gordon bamidbar02 - netLed by: Ewa Gordon

31.A wind went forth from the Lord and swept quails from the sea and spread them over the camp about one day's journey this way and one day's journey that way, around the camp, about two cubits above the ground. 32.The people rose up all that day and all night and the next day and gathered the quails. [Even] the one who gathered the least collected ten heaps. They spread them around the camp in piles. 33. The meat was still between their teeth; it was not yet finished, and the anger of the Lord flared against the people, and the Lord struck the people with a very mighty blow. 34. He named that place Kivroth Hata'avah [Graves of Craving], for there they buried the people who craved.

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