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Tefilat Haderech - the Traveler's Prayer. Opening of the exhibition by Ewa Gordon

19:00 h
24 May

Ewa Gordon Tfilat haderechThe alphabet is central to Hebrew metaphysics. Hebrew letters are a divine creative matter. God used them to create heaven and earth, to sign His Name. The use of Hebrew alphabet awakens the creative power of these letters. Those who write in Hebrew create both a physical and a spiritual reality, using a divine material, but the real creator is still God as “the steps of a man are established by God, when he delights in his way” (Psalm 37:23). And from the very beginning He watches where this way will lead. In the words of the Traveler’s Prayer, “Behold, I am sending an angel before you to guard you along the way and to bring you to the place that I have prepared.” (Shemot 23:20).

In Polish. Free admission.