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Book promotion: “Exiled to Heaven” (original title "Wygnani do Raju”).

18:00 h
07 Mar

wygnani z raju - netBook promotion: “Exiled to Heaven” (original title "Wygnani do Raju”).
Led by dr. Ewa Węgrzyn.

Sweden’s leading criminologist, a drummer with a Ph.D., a reporter who understands the Swedes better than they understand themselves, a distinguished architect, a documentary director and photographer, the winner of Sweden’s “Photographer of the Year” award, a psychoanalyst who was also a writer on the side…

Crème de la crème of the Swedish society, all of them were… Polish immigrants, who had to leave Poland in the wake of the anti-Semitic campaign of 1968.
Sincere and poignant conversations with people for whom compulsory emigration was not just a personal catastrophe but also an impetus to start their life anew. How did it happen that people who arrived to Sweden with little more than memories of their homeland, brought to its shores by their unhappy lot of victims of political repression, contributed so much to the country’s success?

We bring you a great story of how people can successfully overcome even the cruelest fate if they want this bad enough and don’t let the circumstances break their spirit.

In Polish. Free admission.