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Promotion of the book “Rodowód” and discussion with translator Natalia Moskal

18:00 h
16 Feb


"Rodowód," a collection of short stories by Esther Singer Kreitman, the older sister of Isaac Bashevis Singer, perfectly illustrates everyday life in a Polish-Jewish town and the reality of life in exile with unique and humorous observations. "Rodowód" is the first extensive translation of this author into Polish. The book was translated by Natalia Moskal and Professor Monika Adamczyk-Garbowska provided the Afterword.

Through these autobiographical stories, the reader is able to understand the Singer family from a female perspective. Esther Singer Krietman's mother, Batsheva Singer, was the daughter of the rabbi of Bilgoraj. Unhappy with birth of a female child, she left Esther to the care of a wet nurse in the countryside. Esther's cradle was placed under a table in the small dwelling which resulted in permanent damage to her eyesight. Her memoir begins with a story based on these early childhood events, "The New World." Despite the fact that Esther was the first in the family to write, she grew up in the shadow of her younger brother, Isaac. She dreamed of college, but the the family prioritized the education of the male children. Clearly, the social norms of her lifetime were obstacles to her desired life of writing and scholarship, and this book of short stories provides insight into the struggles of women in the early part of the 20th century.

In Polish. Free entrance.