Vosere "reyne" kulturn?! (What pure cultures?!)

18:00 h
01 Feb


"Created by Helix Fellow (Yiddishkayt, LA, CA) and JCC Member Joanne Kanarek, Vosere "reyne" kulturn?! (What pure cultures?!) is a series of workshops that uses the "suis generis" lens of Yiddish language/culture to unpack the many facets (and inherent implications) of "culture creation".


Vilnius, Lithuania was once considered the "Jerusalem of the North" because of its large Jewish community who developed a strong cultural and political identity and environment. Through the examination of Yiddish, Polish, and Belorussian poetry and literature we will explore how these influences helped create the cultural identity of Eastern European Jewry in Vilnius, as well as, the


cultural relationships between Jewish communities throughout the region.


In English. Entrance: 10 zl. Registration is required: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.