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Vosere "Reyne" Kulturn?! (What"Pure Cultures?!)

18:00 h
15 Dec

Vosere "reyne" kulturn?! (“Czysta” kultura?!) to seria warsztatów stworzonych przez Helix Fellow (z inkubatora kulturalnego Yiddishkayt, z Los Angeles) oraz członkinię JCC, Joanne Kanarek.

Joanne Kanarek warsztaty - net

Created by Helix Fellow (Yiddishkayt, LA, CA) and JCC Member Joanne Kanarek, "Vosere 'Reyne' Kulturn?!" (What "Pure" Cultures?!) is a series of workshops that uses the "suis generis" lens of Yiddish language/culture to unpack the many facets (and inherent implications) of culture creation.

In the first workshop, the topic “In order for an iceberg to form, water needs to freeze" explores the political/legal/social systems that were in effect during the time of the Polish/Lithuanian commonwealth. The purpose of this analysis is to dissect the implications of political/legal/social structures on Jewish life in the Polish/Lithuanian commonwealth (and in the "Pale of Russia" afterwards). In addition to this, questions revolving around statehood, citizenship, and how a “group” place in the “grand scheme of things” can either foster/limit their roles within society, and their relations to others within their communities will be explored.

In English. Entrance: 10 zł.
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