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Modern Jewish Krakow; Training for Guides

11:00 h
10 Jan


We invite you to an open, free training for city tour guides and potential guide candidates. The training will focus on the contemporary Jewish community in Krakow and the rebirth of Jewish life. The training will consist of two parts: basic, and expanded for those who participated in the training last year.


11:00-13:00 Basic instruction comprised of four short lectures by:

Jonathan Ornstein, Director of the Jewish Community Centre of Krakow

Rabbi Avi Baumol, Representative of the Chief Rabbi of Poland in Krakow

Anna Gulińska, Program Director of the Jewish Community Centre of Krakow

Olga Danek, member of the Jewish Community Centre of Krakow and the Jewish Students Club "GIMEL"


14:00-15:00 Expanded instruction and Q &A about JCC Krakow, Jewish life in Krakow and issues related to Judaism. Expert panel members include Jonathan Ornstein, Rabbi Avi Baumol, Olga Danek and Zofia Radzikowska, member of the Jewish Community Centre of Krakow, Vice-President of the Association of "Children of the Holocaust," and a member of the Friends of Christians and Jews Club "Przymierze".


Training will be in English and Polish. Free entrance. Registration is required: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Participants will be awarded certificates upon completion of training.