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Promotion of the 2017 "JCC Krakow Volunteers” Calendar

18:00 h
08 Dec



Our 50 volunteers are the heart and soul of our institution.  This team of devoted, intelligent Poles, almost none of  whom are Jewish, work hard every day to help us rebuild Jewish life in Krakow. Whatever they are doing, they are always there, eager to help, and always with smiles on their faces.



This calendar is meant to be a celebration of and a thank you to these amazing Poles, without whom Krakow’s Jewish revival would not be possible. During the promotion there will be an opportunity to meet JCC volunteers and hear their stories, motivations and commitment to "tikkun olam." The meeting will be led by Magdalena Arabas, Volunteer Coordinator at JCC Krakow.




The launch of this calendar corresponds with International Volunteer Day, December 5th.



In Polish. Free entry.