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Exhibition Opening "The Story of the Writer" and lecture by Peter Paziński

19:00 h
29 Oct

sjagnonExhibition Opening: "The Story of the Writer. The Life and
Work of Shmuel Josef Agnon" 

The exhibition "The story of of the Writer” reviews the life and work of Shmuel Josef Agnon, one of the greatest Hebrew writers of the twentieth century. The exhibition is a joint initiative of Agnon House, the literary museum located in the home of the writer, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State of Israel. The exhibition is presented in Israel and around the world to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Shmuel Josef Agnon being awarded the the Nobel Prize in literature. S.J. Agnon was the first Israeli distinguished by this prestigious award and still the only Hebrew language award recipient to date.

This event is presented in cooperation with the 20th International Book Fair in Krakow, and organized by the Embassy of Israel.

During the Exhibition Opening there will be a lecture by Peter Paziński on the life and works of S.J. Agnon.

Peter Paziński is the author of two novels, Pension (2010) and Bird Streets (2013), and the editor of the monthly magazine Midrash. He recently completed a translation of an anthology of short stories by Agnon, which will be released by the Nisza Publishing House.