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March of Remembrance and Life

16:00 h
11 Sep

This coming September 11th at 4 pm the Polish, Christian community of Krakow will be organizing a special march. This inspiring initiative aims to honour the memory of Jewish residents of Krakow throughout Polish history. Setting out from Collegium Maius Krakow courtyard, the large group of Krakowians will walk through the city’s streets and stop at six locations where Jewish presence was most significant. With the participation and support of Rabbi Avi Baumol and President of the Jewish Community, Mr. Tadeusz Jakubowicz, as well as Bishop Rys and Pastor Didoszak, the march should be a momentous occasion to celebrate Jewish life in Krakow.

It will be a great honour if the Jewish community joins this march and walks hand in hand with our non-Jewish compatriots throughout the city. The march will stop at the JCC and the final event will be a free concert at Tempel Synagogue in the evening.

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