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Adam Gut. "Drift. Tel Aviv / Jerusalem" - exhibition opening

18:00 h
21 Jan

Adam Gut - Dryf plakat mini

The exhibition “Drift. Tel Aviv / Jerusalem” is an excerpt of notes which were created during a planned route of getting lost in the White City, in January 2015. The photographs were selected in a way to emphasize the rhythm and musicality of the city in a two-dimensional plan and showcases the richness and the mystery behind the multifarious spaces. The appendix of the photographs of Tel Aviv is a set of three shots of the Western Wall in Jerusalem. By referring to two other cycles created by the author, titled “Border Zones” and “The Empire”, it directs the viewer’s attention from a graphic sensuality, typical for the photographs of Tel Aviv, to a reflection on its history, continuity and absence.

Curator: Karina Krystosiak