Opening of the exhibition

19:00 h
19 Nov

simon abeles-mini

The exhibition consists of materials related to the Jewish-Christian cohabitation in 17th century Prague and of Lazar and Simon Ables who depict a specific social narrative of unwarranted Jewish-Christian relations. In 1694, the Jewish merchant Lazar Abeles was accused of killing his son Simon who was allegedly converting to Christianity. The exhibition shows portraits of Simon Abeles and artwork related to his death. The exhibition was made in support by International Visegrad Fund. It´s being exhibited in Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia.

Writer Marek Toman gives a description of the "criminal" case of Simon Abeles, using visuals from 17th century Prague.The information is based on historical knowledge, but also focuses on different interpretations of truth - there are two versions of what happened to Abeles family in the 17th century.

Marek Toman (born 1967) is a Czech novelist, journalist, translator and editor. "The Shocking News about the Terrible Murder of Simon Abeles" is his fourth novel.

In English with translation to Polish. Free entry.

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