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Screening of the movie “Scheherezade w Baabda”

12:00 h
22 Mar

Szeherezada w Baabda

Screening of the movie “Scheherezade w Baabda” organized by the Autonomy Foundation.

Zeina Daccache made history when she visited a women's Lebanese jail to stage a performance using drama/theatre therapy. This movie shows the historic performance staged in Baabda Jail in April and May 2012.

Zeina Daccache is a director, actress and certified theatrical therapist of North American Drama Therapy Association (Drama therapy). She founded 'Catharsis' as the first centre of theatre/drama therapy in Lebanon and Middle East.

This movie screening is possible thanks to Catharsis. Translating: Agata Bicz, Technical development: Paulina Szydłowska.

The screening is accessible to all.