Promocja książki "Magiczny Kazimierz" i spotkanie z autorem, Jarosławem Knapem

17:30 h
05 Feb

magiczny-kazimierz - net

"Magical Kazimierz is the story of Kazimierz, the cult district of Kraków. I have no idea what this means: Our guides are the people who have made this place so outstanding. The last Jews, artists, cult pubs owners, and tramps who live here. Accompanied and guided by them, we will experience the phenomenon of the magical place, once founded by King Kazimierz the great led by love for a beautiful Jewish girl Esther".

Jarosław Knap was born and lives today in Kraków. He is a long-time journalist writing for “Wprost” magazine and the Polish edition of “Newsweek”. He has interviewed many influential people including celebrities such as Sławomir Mrożek, Stanisław Lem and the Noble Prize winner Seamus Heaney. As a university student, he got his start at Kraków Radio, where he stayed for eight years. He conducted interviews with politicians, presented evening broadcast and entertainment programmes.

Admission is free.


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