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Opening of the exhibition "JAW DIKH - Come and see!"

19:00 h
11 Dec


JCC Krakow, the Roma Educational Association "Harangos", and Roma artists and activists invite you to the opening of the exhibition "JAW DIKH!"

Project JAW DIKH! is a follow-up to the project ROMANI ART, which brought together Roma artists. The main aim of the JAW DIKH – COME AND SEE project is to build an international community of Roma and non-Roma (but related to Roma culture) artists. Like previous meetings, the workshop for this exhibition took place in Czarna Góra, on the border of the Podhale and Spisz regions. Roma people have no country, they are scattered around the world. It is a vast ethnic minority divided into many different groups, with different socio-economic situations and different dialects – all of that makes Roma people an uncommonly varied group. The artists share not only their artistic, but also their cultural, social, and political experiences.

JAW DIKH shows this diversity through visual arts: painting, sculpture, photography, films, and other visual media. It is a project that intends to enrich and popularize Roma culture around the world.

This year, the participants of the workshop in Czarna Góra were:
Bogumiła Delimata
Robert Gabris
Krzysztof Gil
Michal Jindrák
Damian La Bas
Delaine La Bas
Delfin Łakatosz
Maria Pokorny
Pavel Pokorny
Małgorzata Mirga-Tas
Milka Rigova
Marcin Tas

The project is financed by the Ministry of Administration and Digitization of Poland.