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Screening of a film "Sądecki sztetl" ("The Shtetl of Sanz")

18:00 h
27 Nov

sadeckisztetl 01

We would alsolike to invite you to a screening of a film "Sądecki sztetl" ("The Shtetl of Sanz") and a meeting with its authors. The event is organized in cooperation with the Nomina Rosae Foundation from Nowy Sącz.

The film was created as part of an initiative under the same title led in Nowy Sącz by the Nomina Rosae Foundation and historian and Jewish studies expert, Łukasz Połomski, from Nowy Sącz.

The film is a short documentary which depicts a set of chosen themes from the history of the town's Jewish population, which, before World War II, was a very important part of Nowy Sącz culture.

"Sądecki sztetl" - directed by Barbara Szewczyk.
In Polish.
Length: 24 minutes.
Starring: Łukasz Połomski, Adam Gargul, Adrian Kopiec, Anna Miśta, Lena Popiela, Justyna Stasik, Maciej Walasek.

The film screening will be accompanied by a short introduction to the history of Jews of Nowy Sącz and a meeting with the authors of the film.