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"The Poznan Vagabond" - opening of the exhibition by Maciej Krajewski

19:30 h
13 Nov


Maciej Krajewski - born in Poznan, where he lives and works as a nurse at the Wielkopolska Oncology Center. His passion is photography.

In his works, Krajewski focuses mostly on the artistic aspect. Most important for him is the play between shadow and light and the volatility of the moment, which can be immortalized only through photography. Krajewski's models are his close friends along with complete strangers - travelers and passers-by. He often repeats the thought of Mikołaj Grynberg that "in photography, the most important thing is a meeting with another human being."

The title - "The Poznan Vagabond" - is a witty description of his endless wandering with a camera. These are hikes taken in space and in time. Among his works, we can find photographs of contemporary citizens in daily situations and the still existing traces of the lives of Jews and Germans who used to live in Poznan.

The photographs save us from oblivion on an individual level and a social one. They serve as a preservation of the image of an open and multicultural Poznan - the city of many faiths and nations.