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"Israel oswojony" ("Israel Accustomed") - promotion of the book and a meeting with its author, Ela Sidi

18:00 h
16 Jan

izrael oswojony plakat-miniEla Sidi is a graduate of Polish Philology of Gdańsk University. Since 1991 she has lived in Israel. Ms. Sidi worked in Neustein's Bookshop in Tel Aviv and was part of the editorial staff of a Polish newspaper in Israel, Nowiny Kurier. Ms. Sidi is also a Hebrew translator. For 18 years she has worked as a graphic designer for the Israeli press, currently for Haaretz. Since 2010, Ms. Sidi has authored a blog, Gojka z Izraela (A Goy from Israel). She has written two books, "Biała cisza" ("White Silence") and "Izrael oswojony" ("Israel Accustomed"); the latter of which will be the topic for this event. Ms. Sidi is a co-author of translations of prose and poetry, as well as songs of Hanoch Levin issued in an anthology, "Królestwo wszechwanny".