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HAINT - Judaism and feminism

18:00 h
28 Oct


JCC Krakow, JCC Warszawa, and the Office of the Chief Rabbi of Poland, Michael Schudrich would like to invite you to the second in a series of discussions titled "HAINT", Yiddish for "today". The discussions will feature contemporary themes, dilemmas, and controversies in a Jewish context. The discussions will cover different waves of feminism, postfeminism, and the "common interest of women" in the context of contemporary activities.

The participants in the discussion will be Miriam Gonczarska and Natalia Sarata.

Miriam Gonczarska - a journalist, publicist, and activist in the Jewish community. *She is a member and a secretary of the Religious Council of the Association of the Jewish Religious Congregations in Poland, a member of the Board of the Polish Council of Christians and Jews, and of the board of the Association of Jewish Women. Ms. Gonczarska is also a member of B'nai B'rith Poland and the Association Jewish Historical Institute.

Natalia Sarata - a sociologist, coach, researcher, and feminist activist. Ms. Sarata is the co-founder of the Women's Space Foundation and co-author of the program "Krakow Women's Trail". She is a member of the informal group Sister's Street. Since 2002 she has connected with several different feminist organizations and groups. Ms. Sarata has lived in Krakow for 14 years.