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7@nite. Synagogues by Night

22:00 h
08 Jun

Each year, over 7000 people take part in the 7@nite project. Our goal is to show contemporary Jewish life, which draws on the past while being modern, diverse and tolerant. During one night, we will open seven unique synagogues and present seven different programs. The theme of the night is Jerusalem – a city of many cultures and traditions. It is not simply a destination for pilgrims, but the capital of a modern country.

And beyond all that, it is a city which is ambiguous, divided, and hard to define. Everyone has their own story about this city. And each of those stories are real. Telling the story of Jerusalem, we are telling a “story” about modern Judaism in a modern language. We are bringing Judaism closer, breaking stereotypes and hopefully building understanding between different beliefs and cultures. The confusion that comes from engaging all the senses, at once, provides unique insight into the beauty and turmoil of passions that the lands, peoples, and faiths of contemporary Jerusalem and Krakow inspire.

Krakow June 8/9, 2013
10:00 pm
The celebration of Havdala on the roof of the JCC Krakow (Miodowa 24 Street)

10:15 pm
Synagogues open to the public

The Old Synagogue – Feel
Looking for a universal definition of the city, we sought out the language of poetry. From the many poems devoted to this eternal city, we selected a few which show the different faces of the city and asked poets connected to Krakow to read them aloud. We mixed their interpretations with sounds of the city, moving pictures, and smells. We likewise created a multimedia and interactive story about the mystical and real Jerusalem, which will be there to feel – literally and metaphorically.

The High Synagogue – Move
We go for a virtual walk through the city in the High Synagogue. Our starting point is a symbolic walk through the seven gates of Jerusalem. We will spin our unique story using multimedia and artistic creations to unfold a walk of surprises.

The Isaac Synagogue – Imagine
Jerusalem is a holy city for the three largest monotheistic religions. It is the city in which God dwells. “Jerusalem is the center of the earth, the Temple is the center of Jerusalem.” And although the Temple, as such, no longer exists, it’s still the most important site in the city and perhaps in the world. We will try to image the Temple and the Western Wall in the Isaac synagogue.

The Remu Synagogue – Discover
Is there any city in the world which is known by 70 different names? Only one. A name marks the possibility of discovery. And our hope is that by addressing all of these names, we might find a fuller expression of the city and its meaning.

The Tempel Synagogue – Listen
Jerusalem is not only a religious city. It has a face that is made vibrant, colorful, and joyful by more than the sacred. We can see this in the Yafo district, in the center of a new town full of lovely coffee shops. Jerusalem is full of music, we just have to know how to listen. This is the city where Shtar makes their music. Orthodox men who bring together alternative rock, hip hop, and funk. Their energetic mix will draw everyone into the dance that Jerusalem inspires.

The Kupa Synagogue – Look
Jerusalem is a city which has to be seen. When old photographs are put together with new ones, we see how the city stays the same while changing. Photos let us see the city captured in a short moment. And sometimes, because of photos, this moment can last longer.

The Popper Synaggogue – Create
Everyone has a story about Jerusalem and everyone will be able to create their very own Jerusalem. In the Popper synagogue, we will paint Jerusalem in many colors. We will create a live and colorful collage of the city. The old walls will be getting new color.

Accompanying events:

Jcc Krakow
“Jerusalem – the light from the East” – exhibition
The exhibition prepared by Polish Autocephalus Orthodox Church and the Israeli Embassy in Warsaw shows Jerusalem from a dual perspective – the Christian Church and the modern Israeli state. The exhibition shows the most important places connected to the orthodox church in Jerusalem, but also shows the city as welcoming, modern and multicultural capital of Israel.

Galicia Jewish Museum
Kachol and a musical trip to the heart of Jerusalem – 100 gates district
For the second time, the Galicia Jewish Museum invites visitors for an amazing and crazy dance workshop cunducted by Kachol, followed by a special trip to the heart of Jerusalem and the 100 gates district. Connecting different styles of music with visualizations, using photographs of one of the most famous photo-reporters in Israel: Gil Cohen Magen, whose exhibition “In Chasidims Circle,” will be presented in the Museum.

Tastes of Heaven
Hamsa, hummus & music (Miodowa 41 Street)
Vege gril – starts at 6pm
DJ Gretzky – Garden party – starts at 9pm
Right after Havdala: Courtyard of the Isaac Synagogue (Kupa 18 Street)
The best Jerusalem falafel
JCC Kraków (Miodowa 24 Street)
Flavors of Jerusalem