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A lecture on animals - by Rabbi Boaz Pash

20:00 h
10 Dec


Thursday; 10th of December at 8pm
"Animals Sing in Hebrew" - Rabbi Boaz Pash speaks of animals in regards and reflection to Judaism.

Czarna Owca Pana Kota foundation with the support of the Jewish Community Centre invites you to meet with the Chief Rabbi of Krakow - Boaz Pash. The meeting will entail explanations of which animals are kosher and which are not, definitions of Talmudic writings in regards to Jehuda ha-Nasi, what he did to expel a calf’s illness onto himself as well as what animals sing in group songs Perek Szira.

Rabbi Boaz Pash will connect us closer to what famous Rabbis, Jewish mystics and philosophers wrote in regards to animals and what status those animals have in Judaism. Rabbi Boaz Pash will also talk about what animal character can take various demon form in folk lore beliefs and much more…