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Jewish-Christian dialogue: the Christian perspective

19:00 h
25 Mar

Jewish-Christian dialogue: the Christian perspective.
"Open Gate" (published by the "Grodzka Gate - NN Theater" Center) by Tomasz Dostatni, O.P.
Book promotion and meeting with the author

“People, places, history, events - this is how you can describe the topics of texts in this collection. However, these people, places and events are an opportunity for Father Tomasz Dostatni to show his view and understanding of the world. One can call him a man who finds Christianity in history, in everyday events, in the practices of the Polish Church, and often in the least likely places.” (from the Introduction by Małgorzata Bielecka-Hołda).

Tomasz Dostatni, O.P. is a Dominikan priest from Lublin, the head of the "Nad Granicami" (“Above Borders”) Foundation. He is a publicist, a translator from Czech, a minister and retreat preacher. He is an active contributor to the ecumenical and community dialogue, both internally and externally. Father Dostani is known for his fearless stance in the public debate as well as his critique of the church, especially in cases where gospel values ​​are being replaced by political speeches or when someone is unfairly attacked. He is the author of numerous books, a recipient of the Lublin Angelus Award, the Czech "Gratias Agit" award and the honorary Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Official Award Medal for his contribution to the Polish-Jewish dialogue. He also has his own YouTube channel, Open Gate.

Led by: Dominika Kozłowska - Editor-in-Chief of the “Znak” monthly

In Polish. Free admission.