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The JCC Choir

The JCC Krakow Choir was established in 2012. The repertoire includes nigguns, Hebrew and Yiddish songs that are both traditional and religious, and contemporary music. The choir performs at the JCC's Jewish holiday events and at various programs. It has previously performed at the Jewish Culture Festival for the last three years, at the legendary Polish club "Piwnica Pod Baranami", the Galicia Jewish Museum, and at the 2014 International Day of Roma Culture.

chór fot. Darek Gawlik

JCC Krakow Choir is directed by Walentyn Dubrowskij who is a graduate of the National Music Academy of Ukraine. In 1996, he moved to Krakow and has been involved with several folk musical initiatives and projects. Walentyn arranges music and also plays several instruments, such as, the piano, accordion, melodica piano, bass, and guitar.



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